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Please reach out to your vet to allow them to release the records to us.
(Please note, we do check vet references so please make sure your vet has up-to-date vaccination information for your pets.)
How many hours? Where will the pet be when you are away?
If away from the home for more than six hours at a time, how do you plan to get your foster outside for bathroom breaks?
Are you prepared to do what is necessary to care for the animal’s needs under a veterinarian’s supervision? * *
Please note: All healthcare costs of foster animals will be covered by It’s Ruff Without A Roof.
Are you aware that we often have animals who are in need of medical attention who may require extra patience, medication, etc.?
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If so tell us what ages the children are. And describe your pets. (Let us know if your pets temperaments.
Please note, we typically ask our fosters to care for a dog until he or she is adopted.
Do you agree to a IRWAR representative conducting a home visit? *
Do you agree to care for the animal in a humane manner and to be responsible for the animal’s needs including supplying adequate food, water, shelter, regularly scheduled walks, attention and medical care. * *
Medical care to be approved and paid by It’s Ruff Without A Roof Rescue
Do you agree that the animal will not be allowed outside without proper supervision? *
When taking the animal outdoors do you agree that the animal will wear proper identification (name tag on collar), secure harness and will be kept on a leash? *
I agree to attend a foster orientation and training session within the first 3 months of fostering *
At anytime, IRWAR reserves the right to remove fosters from our fostering program for any reason. *