We are a small, all-volunteer rescue whose network of dedicated fosters and volunteers are pertinent to the success of the rescue, and our mission. The more fosters who volunteer, the more dogs we can save. A big thanks to you!

Fostering isn’t always an easy task, but it can be very fun, rewarding, and life-changing for the dogs that we rescue.

Every dog has it’s own personality and quirks, and no dog is perfect. Many of these dogs have lived in shelters their whole lives, if not in worse situations. As a foster, you and It’s Ruff Without A Roof together will help bridge the gap between rescue and permanent placing by offering your home and providing basic training.


What We Provide You As A Foster:

  • On-going Training and Education

  • Event Support and Coordination

  • A Network Of Fosters And Volunteers Who Support And Help Each Other

  • Crate(if needed), Food, Martingale Collar, Identification Collar, Leash, Business Cards

What We ask of you in return:

  • To Participate In Foster Orientation

  • To Do Basic Training With Your Foster Dog

  • To Keep Us Updated On How Your Foster Dog Is Doing in your home

  • To Provide Promotional Materials to folks interested in adoption

  • To Foster The Dog(s) until adoption

Fostering is a fun and rewarding experience that is both challenging and empowering. We want to make sure that all It's Ruff WIthout a Roof fosters are prepared to tackle any issues that may occur. The more you know as a foster, the faster the dog can be adopted and we can continue saving more dogs!